Drawing from his personal experiences in hundreds of dramatic races, Gary shows you how to prepare like a champion, impose order in chaotic situations, recover from mistakes or bad luck, and use both your failures and your successes to become a better sailor. He guides you through the steps of organizing, training, and leading a first-rate crew; establishing a tactical team and defining their duties; and coping with the emotional highs and lows of a hotly contested race. You’ll learn how to examine and analyze the racecourse, read the wind, and choose the best side of the course. And you’ll master the finer points of fast starts, upwind and downwind tactics, rounding windward and leeward marks, passing, and  maximizing your speed with rig tuning, sail shape, sail trim, and steering. Complete with in-depth discussions on the best practice methods, the psychology of winning, and so much more, Championship Sailing is the absolutely indispensable guide for anyone who wants to win sailboat races at any level.

In a competitive sailing career spanning more than four decades, Gary Jobson has won just about every significant championship. Along the way he has competed against and with the masters of modern competitive sailing – studying, adopting, and adapting their most successful tactics, habits, and techniques. From these ingredients and his own vast experience he has molded and perfected a system that will propel you to the top of the fleet.  In Championship Sailing you’ll learn how to win in local, national, and international fleets, whether they are one-design or handicap, high-performance dinghies or big-keel boats.