Author: Joe Shields

Joe Shields is the editor of The Virginia Sportsman. He is a writer and marketer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. His writing and photography have appeared in The Virginia Sportsman and other publications. Whether fly fishing or surfing, he loves the outdoors and celebrates the sporting life and culture in his narratives.

The Pandemic and its Impact on Outdoor Recreation 

2022, Fall, Featured, Hunting, Wildlife

New Outdoor Participants Give Industry the Opportunity to Grow and Diversify When the pandemic and its viral insult first disrupted our...

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Editor’s Note

Exclude, Fall, Hunting

The pandemic may have changed our lives, but sometimes change is a good thing. Consider the outdoors, and the number of people who were...

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Live Painting: The Art of John Bukaty


The Pioneering Live Performance Artist Finds His Flow State...

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