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Essential Summer Gear

Our editors select their favorite apparel and equipment for sport and travel.

taiga terra cooler

Taiga Terra Cooler

When it comes time to cool beverages this summer, there’s a new alternative to consider. Manufactured in the USA, the Taiga Terra hard-sided cooler is just what you need when temperatures heat up. Made with sustainable, FDA-approved polypropylene, the Terra offers a great alternative to other brands’ petroleum-based polymers. The cooler’s 27-quart size is big enough to hold 24 cans plus a bag of ice, and its two-inch-thick sides (and three-inch-thick lid) will keep drinks cold for a long time. Available in four colors, this eco-friendly cooler is good looking, durable and high performing. What else could you ask for? $199.00 www.taigacoolers.com

buff usa

Buff USA, CoolNet UV+ Multifunctional Headwear

For anyone who spends time outdoors, keeping your skin safe from the dangers of the sun is important. One of the best options available is the CoolNet UV+ Multifunction Headwear made by Buff USA. Lightweight, breathable and extremely functional, Buff’s Multifunctional Headwear is the perfect accessory for a day on the water, in a tree stand or sitting on the beach. With a UPF rating of 50+ and 95% of its material made from recycled plastics, it’s easy to see why the seamless, microfiber fabric is so popular with any lovers of the outdoors. $24.00-$26.00 www.buffusa.com

proper jane shooting veest

Proper Jane Shooting Vest

Designed for women shotgun shooters, the Proper Jane shooting vests offer functionality, performance and style. Available in three different models (The Allison, The Lynn and The IIiana), these vests have large pockets for shells, breathable netting for hot summer days breaking clays and a tailored modern look that offers a nice contrast to the more traditional shooting vests. $285.00 www.properjane.com

deyoung skinned bugger fly box

Cliff Outdoors, DeYoung Skinned Bugger Beast Jr. Fly Box

Made of scratch and water-resistant polycarbonate, Cliff’s Bugger Beast Jr. fly box is the perfect container for assembling your large flies and streamers. Decorated with Derek DeYoung’s artwork, this fly box is functional, durable and good looking. Inside the box (on the top and bottom) is pre-slit foam that won’t tear or rip when removing flies. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, there’s also Cliff’s Bugger Barn. Covered on the top and bottom with DeYoung’s art, the Bugger Barn is perfect for an angler who isn’t fishing from a drift boat. $40.00-$60.00 www.derekdeyoung.com

aku riserva gtx boots

AKU, Riserva GTX Boots

Whether searching for elk or grouse, if your trekking takes you into rough terrain, AKU’s Riserva GTX boots are just what you need. Engineered with the backcountry in mind, the Riserva GTX boots are available in either nubuck or full-grain leather with a sturdy rubber toe for added protection. The uppers are substantial and supportive without being cumbersome, and the boot’s rugged soles offer traction on any terrain.  An Italian company, AKU has been producing high-quality boots for hikers, hunters and travelers for 30 years. AKU’s Riserva GTX is the latest addition to this company’s long line of exceptional boots engineered for the outdoors. $299.00-$389.00 www.akuoutdoor.com

boost oxygen

Boost Oxygen, Portable 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen

Created with a variety of uses in mind, Boost Oxygen can be the perfect way to recover from a hard run, acclimate to high elevation on a ski trip or assist with recovery after a good workout. Available without a prescription, the 95% pure oxygen can provide a much-needed boost during times of high activity or in places with poor air quality or thin air (the air we breathe is only 27% oxygen). Available in three sizes, the very portable canisters range from 60-200 one-second inhalations depending on the size. All-natural and safe, Boost Oxygen is a great addition to a backpack, glove box or kitchen cupboard. $7.99-$16.99 www.boostoxygen.com

thousand mips bike helmet

Thousand, Chapter MIPS Bike Helmet

Founded with the idea that a more attractive, comfortable and functional bike helmet would encourage bikers to embrace head protection, Thousand’s Chapter Bike Helmet does just that. An old-school look that shies away from the futuristic, boxy look of many hard-core bike helmets on the market today, the Chapter offers state-of-the-art MIPS protection and innovation on a lot of fronts. A magnetic, 50-lumen light is included with the helmet and seamlessly attaches to the back of the helmet—or a bike seat post with the included adaptor. (After all, it’s good to be seen when riding a bike.) In addition, the helmet’s visor is removable and interchangeable if you want to switch-up your look. Capitalizing on the success of the brand’s adult helmets, Thousand recently launched a line of kids helmets (ages 6-11) called The Junior, so now the whole family can be protected and stylish on your next bike ride. $135.00. www.explorethousand.com

ernst seed virginia gentlemen's seed mix
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Ernst Seed, Virginia Gentlemen’s Seed Mix

Carefully mixed with a wide variety of native seeds, the Virginia Gentlemen’s Seed Mix is perfect for landowners looking for great ground cover, beautiful color and long life. The mix includes favorites such as Little Bluestem, Virginia Wildrye, Partridge Pea and Blackeyed Susan. Perfect for upland and meadows, Virginia Gentlemen’s Seed Mix is also a great way to give pollinators a little help. If you aren’t sure about the specifics, Ernst Seed offers plenty of help and expertise to get the right seeds in the right places. $33.50/lb. www.ernstseed.com

syren julia sporting shotgun

Syren, Julia Sporting Shotgun

A division of Italian gunmaker Caesar Guerini, Syren’s mission is to produce shotguns designed specifically for women shooters. Syren’s Julia Sporting Shotgun is a competition-grade target gun intended for a variety of female shooters, from world-class competitors to the amateur enthusiast looking to conquer the local sporting-clays course. The Julia is as beautiful as it is functional with its striking Turkish Walnut stock and intricate fantasy-style engraving depicting a woman’s face emerging from a floral scroll pattern. According to Kate Ahnstrom, a professional shooting instructor, “Syren’s Julia is the epitome of beautifully crafted elegance wrapped around timeless functionality.” Available in 12-gauge with 30-inch high-performance barrels, the Julia offers a precision trigger and a reduced pistol grip that better accommodate smaller female hands. A joy to shoot and a beauty to look at, the new offering is a fitting tribute to the gun’s namesake, Caesar’s beloved daughter Julia. $6,050.00 www.syrenusa.com

hoka one one

Hoka One One, Speedgoat 4 Trail Running Shoe

Named after the most successful ultramarathon runner ever, Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer, Hoka’s fourth release of the Speedgoat shoe has everything you need for tackling trails. Known for their cushion and comfort, the Speedgoat has plenty of both, yet it still feels secure on rough terrain. When things get a little muddy, the Vibram Megagrip rubber outsole is secure on the descent and very grippy when climbing. Whether you are a hardcore runner, like the shoe’s namesake, or just looking for a light hiking or walking shoe, the Speedgoat has appeal for all. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors in men’s and women’s sizes, the Speedgoat should be considered for anyone looking for a smooth ride in the great outdoors. $145.000 www.hokaoneone.com 

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