Written by 12:41 pm 2019, Culture

Zac Brown’s Bike

When Grammy Award-winning country-rock star Zac Brown isn’t on stage, he often stays busy with a range of additional creative and philanthropic endeavors.

Cover photo courtesy Zac Brown

He combined his passions to help design the new Zac Brown Collective Indian Chieftain Dark Horse, a custom model of an iconic American motorcycle that features an upgraded engine and a sleek, specialized paint job that includes 24kt gold leaf.

The bike was crafted through the musician’s Zac Brown Collective—a company that creates custom projects by bringing together the talents of artists, musicians, filmmakers, chefs, fashion designers, woodworkers and engineers. The one-of-a-kind Chieftain Dark Horse will be raffled to raise funds for Brown’s Camp Southern Ground, a non-profit inclusive summer camp that aims to bring together kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds, including those with developmental disabilities.

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