Bavarian’s Brews

Bavarian Brothers Brewing offers a rotating list of house beers at the Bavarian Inn that will please fans of light ales, juicy IPAs and hearty stouts. Here are a few of the brewpub’s solid standbys that can usually be found on the menu.

Sozial All Day Ale

Sozial is named after the German word for “socialize.” Accordingly, this brew is a light session ale that’s made for daytime sipping over long conversations. A lunchtime favorite for Bavarian Inn guests, it’s an easygoing American pale ale with citrus-forward hops and a slightly sweet malt backbone. At just 4.4% ABV, you can have a few without worry.

Mecklenbrau German-Style Pilsner

Another one for light beer fans, Mecklenbrau—the original name given to Shepherdstown by German settlers—incorporates European influence when it comes to the liquid. This crisp Pilsner is modeled after traditional German lagers, crafted with a patient eight-week brewing process that yields a clean, straw-colored profile and the slightly bitter bite of old-school Noble hops. At 4.3% ABV, it’s a refreshing choice for drinking during the heat of a West Virginia summer.

Carol’s Royal Stout

A true treat for dark beer drinkers, this stout was made to honor British native Carol Asam. Known as the “Queen of the Bavarian Inn,” Asam has been a mainstay at the West Virginia establishment for four decades. Carol’s Royal Stout is rich and smooth, packed with notes of coffee and chocolate as it goes down at an extremely drinkable 5.4% ABV.

Harry’s Hazy River Hazy IPA

Bavarian Brothers Brewing calls this one “summertime in a glass,” and it’s an accurate description, as it’s a juicy IPA with seasonally perfect notes of tangerine and grapefruit. The beer’s name comes from the brewmaster’s love of fishing on the Potomac River.

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