Winter 2022 Gear Review

Irish Setter Boots, Pinnacle 7” Non-insulated Waterproof Boots [1]
Offering a number of technological advancements, Irish Setter’s Pinnacle boots bring a long list of comfort and stability enhancements to its new line of hunting and outdoor boots. The boots are available in a variety of styles and configurations, providing hunters, hikers or anyone venturing into the great outdoors with the perfect option for their next outing. The 7-inch non-insulated boots are ideal for warmer climates, and Irish Setter’s TempSens technology helps regulate temperature and keeps feet dry and cool in hot conditions, and comfortable and warm when it gets colder. Sturdy and rugged, Pinnacle boots provide plenty of support and traction and are easy to break in. With so much technology everywhere we turn, there’s no reason why our feet can’t benefit from the upside of innovation. It’s time to get your feet in on the action with Irish Setter Boots. $199;

SportDOG, TEK Series 2.0 GPS & E-collar [2]

When hunting, I subscribe to the theory that it’s better to have it and not need than it is to need it and not have it. This is particularly true when it comes to a GPS and training collar for my dog. SportDog’s TEK 2.0 collar sits at the top of the food chain with its functionality, durability and customization. As with SportDOG’s very capable TEK 1.5, the TEK 2.0 offers GPS tracking capability and e-collar functionality. The new offering has a range of 10 miles, and the unit can track up to 21 dogs. The new e-collar really stands out with color topographic maps that are on the handheld device. These maps provide necessary detail when hunting in unfamiliar territory, and if you find yourself off the grid, the maps are preloaded and do not require a cell phone signal to operate. The TEK 2.0’s usability is impressive, and the unit can be modified to meet your specific needs. These features offer big benefits to hunters looking for a GPS tracking system that won’t let you down if you find yourself off the preserve chasing grouse in the backwoods of Maine. $799.95;

BioLite, BaseCharge 600 Rechargeable Power Station [3]

Finding yourself without power these days can be a minor inconvenience or a major catastrophe. BioLite’s new BaseCharge Rechargeable Power Stations provide an easy, accessible power solution. Available in two sizes—the 622 watt-hour 600 model and the 1521 watt-hour 1500 model—these power stations are extremely capable and downright critical if you are planning an off-the-grid adventure, and they can be a lifesaver if you unexpectedly lose power. Both units have an easy-to-read dashboard that provides a plethora of useful information and enables you to easily manage power usage. The BaseCharge’s lithium-ion battery can be charged from a variety of different sources, including a wall outlet, your car’s cigarette lighter or even with BioLite’s new ultra-portable solar panels. The 600 and 1500 models come equipped with a number of receptacles for nearly any charging needs, including AC, DC, USB-A, USB-C and USB-C PD. When I decided to go on a backcountry grouse hunting trip in northern Maine this fall, the Biolite BaseCharge 600 was instrumental in keeping our essential electronics charged and ready for the next day’s adventures. Not only did having this essential tool give me peace of mind, it made me pretty popular with my hunting partners. $699.00 for the BaseCharge 600, $1,699 for the BaseCharge 1500;

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