Road Trip Gear for Your Next Great Escape

topo designs river shorts

It’s time to plot your next great escape. Whether you’re heading to a river lodge deep in the mountains or the open waters of the coast, we’ve got the goods on new gear to make your journey more enjoyable. 

icemule jaunt cooler

Icemule Jaunt

For quick trips down to the river or short hikes near home, the Jaunt is a convenient backpack cooler that easily holds a six-pack of brews or up to three bottles of wine. With durable construction and dependable insulation, it keeps ice solid for a full day, and the front zippered pocket is great for stashing essentials, like your keys or a corkscrew. $79.95;

hydro flask wide mouth

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth with Flex Straw Cap

Hydration is key when you have a long haul ahead. With Hydro Flask’s Wide Mouth bottle you can keep 32 ounces of your favorite beverage cold for 24 hours, thanks to tightly sealed double-wall vacuum insulation. The wide mouth is great when you want big gulps, but you can also add a new Flex Straw Cap for easy sipping when you’re on the road. $44.95 (bottle) and $12.95 (cap) ; 

topo designs river shorts

Topo Designs River Shorts

Made for paddling trips, trail time or warm-weather travel, Topo’s versatile River Shorts work for all kinds of Southern spring endeavors. They’re made with quick-drying nylon, so you’ll never be damp for long, but the shorts are also outfitted with a touch of spandex, allowing you to move freely when any adventure calls. $79;

patagonia sun stretch shirt

Patagonia Sun Stretch Shirt

Virginia humidity hits quickly when spring settles in, so stay cool in Sun Stretch Shirt. The perennial favorite is part of Patagonia’s fishing collection, and accordingly it’s made with a breezy, tech-savvy material that won’t inhibit your casting motion. And with the airy, comfortable feel and casual look comes additional performance features, including two zippered pockets and UPF 30 protection for long days under the rays. $99; 

SportDOG Fieldtrainer 425X

SportDOG, Fieldtrainer 425X  

E-collars are invaluable for any dog owner who is looking to have more control over their pup. Even though e-collars were introduced to help hunters manage dogs in the field, today’s options offer a much broader appeal. The SportDOG Fieldtrainer 425x has many of the same capabilities the more expensive “hunting” systems feature, but its real audience is people who are introducing their dogs to in-the-field training or those hunting with close-working dogs. The palm-sized controller is uncluttered and easy to use; it offers a variety of customization depending on your needs. It’s also capable of working with up to three dog collars, covers a 500-yard range and is waterproof to 25-feet. The Fieldtrainer system is more than capable in the field without overwhelming the user with features and costs that more demanding hunters may require.  


Gerber Armbar Drive

Gerber Armbar Drive

Perfect for unexpected utility needs when you’re on the move, the Armbar Drive is a versatile multi-tool that comes in the convenient size of a pocket knife. In addition to a high-quality stainless blade, the compact design also includes key tools, including an awl, pry bar, bottle opener and a 2.5-inch driver with a two-sided bit. For such a functional piece, Gerber keeps the weight down to an impressive 3.1 ounces, and at a cost under 40 bucks, it’s light on the wallet, too. $39;

Blundstone Classic 550

Blundstone Classic 550

Blundstone’s boots remain a time-tested staple for both travel and trail. They slip on and break in easily, but thanks to the waterproof leather construction and hearty soles, these Australian standbys will last for years. The Classic 550 is slightly updated from the well-known original, retooled with a really comfortable footbed that’s designed for long stretches on your feet and able to absorb impact when you’re walking on or off road. $199.95;

Midland, X-Talker Two-Way Radio

In today’s world, the cell phone has become the go-to method of communication for outdoorsmen and women. As reliant as we have become on these devices, they don’t do much good if you drop them in a trout stream or can’t get a signal. Midland’s X-Talker Two-Way Radio offers a great alternative: rugged and unfailing devices for communicating and monitoring the weather. These radios are super powerful and have excellent range and clarity over 22 channels. Midland’s Weather Scan+ Alert technology automatically scans through 10 available weather channels and selects the strongest one to make certain you receive all-important weather updates. Lightweight and easy to use, these GMRS radios are a great addition to anyone’s kit for sporting and outdoor activities. $89.99;

Jack Wolfskin, JWP Shell

Jack Wolfskin, JWP Shell

Sometimes the best rain jacket is the one you have with you when it starts to rain. Jack Wolfskin’s new JWP Shell is designed with convenience and packability in mind. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, the windproof and waterproof JWP Shell can hold up in all but the most extreme conditions. A big part of the jacket’s functionality is its lightweight fabric, which makes it easy to cram it into jacket’s side pockets. This compact stuff sack allows you to have this jacket on hand no matter where you go. New to North America, Jack Wolfskin has been creating eco-conscious, high-quality clothing and gear since 1981. The JWP Shell is simple and stylish, and its compactness will appeal to urban commuters and hardcore hikers alike. $129.95; 

C.C. Filson Co., Field Flannel Shirt

There’s something timeless and endearing about a well-worn flannel shirt. Whether worn outside in the field or indoors on a chilly spring day, flannel shirts have long been a staple for sportsmen and women. Filson’s longstanding reputation for quality and durability is legendary. The brand’s new Field Flannel shirts are everything flannel-shirt lovers could ask for. Made from a mid-weight brushed cotton, the shirt is soft, strong and amazingly lightweight for a flannel. Available in five solid colors—including the eye-catching light shrub camo—Filson’s Field Flannel shirts are a classic in the making. $98.00;

Irish Setter, VaprTrek Boots

Hunters and outdoorsmen have relied on Irish Setter Boots for hard-wearing, high-quality boots that hold up in the field. Originally launched in 2014, Irish Setter’s VaprTrek line of boots have been praised for their light weight, durability and comfort. These versatile boots recently received an upgrade and now offer more insulation for colder temperatures and better traction and support for rough terrain. They also feature several selections for ease of use, including a BOA lacing system on some models. Available in a wide variety of men’s and women’s styles with a range of options, these boots offer something for just about anyone who spends time in the field or in the woods. $154.99-$249.99;

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